Cancellation Policy

C3 Wellness Spa

C3 Wellness Spa Cancellation Policy

Due to our blocking time on the schedule for your appointment, therefore preventing access to that time to other clients, the following fees are in effect:

Cancellations within 24 hours (up to 5 hours before the appointment time):

  • Insurance Clients: $35 per appointment blocked
  • Cash/Reg. Pay Clients: 50% of the cost of service per appointment booked
  • First-Time Pre-Paid Clients: non-refundable and can only be re-scheduled with 24 hour notice

Cancellations within 5 hours of the appointment incurs 100% of the charge for all clients (insurance, cash/reg. pay)

*If we can fill that spot before the end of the day, we can waive the cancellation fee for the client

*Veterans: There are no cancellation fees for VA paid services such as Massage/PT and Acupuncture. If the Veteran has booked other appointments outside of VA paid services, the regular cancellation policy applies.

**Note: although there is no fee for Veterans, if a Veteran cancels the same day, except for a medical emergency, they will lose the visit for that day.

No Call No Show:

  • Insurance Clients: 100% of the cost of services booked
  • Cash/Reg. Pay Clients: 100% of the cost of services booked
  • Pre-Paid First Appointments: 100% of the cost of services booked

*If we can fill that appointment slot, we can waive the cancellation for the client


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We accept major medical insurance and VA benefits for massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture patients.

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