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C3 Wellness Spa FAQs

At our spa, we prioritize maintaining a high level of hygiene for the health and safety of all our clients and staff members. To help us achieve this goal, we kindly request that all clients also prioritize their personal hygiene by showering and washing their hair prior to their appointment and wearing clean, comfortable clothing.

Our staff members also adhere to strict personal hygiene standards, including frequent hand washing, the use of gloves when necessary, and wearing clean uniforms and clothing. We believe that by maintaining a clean and sanitized environment and ensuring that everyone who visits our spa practices good personal hygiene, we can create a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Yes, we take insurance. The information below is subject to change. We accept Aetna (PPO, Indemnity, Medicare Plans), AARP (Medicare Advantage Plans, Supplement Plans), Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS Local & Out of State Plans, some FEP Plans), CarePlus (requires prior authorization from referring physician), ChampVA, Cigna (excludes Commercial Plans/ASH, Disney Plans, and HMOs), Emblem Health (Empire BCBS, Empire UHC Secondary ONLY), Empire Plan, GEHA, Humana (some policies require prior authorization from health plan), Medicare, Tricare (For Life or Select), United Healthcare, VA Community Care, and WellCare (some WellCare plans require prior authorization from referring physician). Other insurances will be accepted after policy verification on a case-by-case basis. Insurance verification of benefits will be required prior to the appointment to confirm copay, deductible, coinsurance, etc.

Because we work by appointment, we suggest you book in advance to ensure you are able to get the service and time slot you desire. You can reserve your services by visiting our bookings page.

Same day cancellations and no call, no shows are subject to 100% of the service charge.

Cancellations must occur 24 hours prior to the service time to avoid losing your paid funds.

Insurance clients will incur a cancellation fee of $35.

First time appointments are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, if you cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior, you will be able to use the funds paid at another time.

*If the client can transfer the appointment to someone else or we can fill that spot before the end of the day, we can waive the cancellation fee as a courtesy.

If you arrive late to your appointment, we may not be able to provide the full-time booked as there may be another appointment after yours. If available, we may reschedule for a later time on the same day. Please see our cancellation policy above for more.

All of our C3 Wellness Spa guests should communicate openly with their therapist, aesthetician, and/or acupuncturist. You should discuss any expectations, preferences, and/or possible concerns to ensure you get the desired service and help us meet your needs.

Our staff members are renowned for their depth of knowledge, diversity, professionalism, and courteousness. We celebrate all their varied backgrounds and value the many skills, talents, and gifts which they bring to C3 Wellness Spa. If you have a special request to make your treatment more enjoyable, such as dimmer lights, softer music, a lighter or heavier touch, an extra blanket, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If there are certain things you wish your therapist NOT to do, such as work on your feet, face, abdomen, or scalp/hair, please communicate your desires.

In addition, you have an obligation to let your therapist know about any health-related conditions that could potentially cause you discomfort or harm during the course of your treatment. This would include but is not limited to, pregnancy, recent surgeries, diabetes, injuries, high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, shellfish or iodine allergies, and any other allergies.

We welcome your input and feedback.

Our therapists are trained in proper draping techniques for your comfort. You may elect to receive treatments in your undergarments. Please remove all jewelry before visiting the spa. We encourage you to wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to change into.

Please notify the spa receptionist at the time you are making your appointments and your therapist at the beginning of your treatment. You will be informed if treatments are not recommended. You will receive an intake form based on the service you are getting on the day of your booking. Make sure to answer those questions thoroughly and accurately.

Your physician can best advise you on which treatments are safe. We also suggest that you avoid treatments using deep pressure and heat.

We discourage massages during the first trimester of pregnancy: The first trimester carries an increased risk of miscarriage. Some therapists are concerned that the increased blood flow during a massage might be harmful.

Shaving is recommended, but please be sure to do so at least two hours prior to your facial.

If you have a gender preference, please advise the spa reservationist at the time of making your appointment.

Treatment and package prices do not include gratuities. The standard hospitality rate for massage tipping is 20 percent. Tips are optional and greatly appreciated by our staff.

We offer a full range of professional spa products so you can duplicate the benefits at home. Ask your therapist or approach our friendly front desk staff, and they'll be happy to discuss the products with you.

Our professional aestheticians are available for consults in order to offer you a customized treatment based on your skin type. All our facial consults are complimentary for your convenience. *Facial treatment consultations have a cost of $50 that will be applied to the service that you reserve.

Young adults must be supervised by a parent or guardian while participating in Spa Services including massage and body treatments, facials, or any one-on-one services.

Insurance Verification

We accept major medical insurance and VA benefits for massage therapy, physical therapy, and acupuncture patients.

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